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Песня: The saddest song

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Only two more days
Until your birthday
Yesterday was mine
You'll be turning five
I know what its like
Growing up without
Your father in your life.

So i pretend
I'm doing all i can
And hope someday you'll find it in your heart
To understand
Why I'm not around
And forgive me for not being in your life.

I remember waiting for you to come.
I remember waiting for you to call.
Remember waiting there to find nothing at all.
I remember waiting for you to come.
Remember waiting for you to call.
Waiting there to find nothing at all.

Maybe someday
You'll really get to know me
Not just from letters read to you
I pray i get the chance
To make it up to you
We've got a lot of catching up to do.

Forgive me.
I'm so sorry.
I will make it up to you.

The Ataris - The Saddest Song
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