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What about us
Авторы: Andre Tanneberger, Jan Loechel, Rudi Dittmann
Исполняет: Jan Loechel

As a matter of fact there’s no turning back
Though I can’t deny I still want you back
No confidence just hide and seek
Your weapon is my insecurity.

What about promises and
What about the days I miss and
What about, what about, what about us?
What about the time of our lives
What about the things that you hide
What about, what about, what about us?

I’m waiting for you
I’m waiting for you
It’s all about letting go.

What about, what about, what about us?
Swept away
Авторы: Andre Tanneberger, Ken Harrison, Rudi Dittmann
Исполняет: Roberta Carter Harrison

I don’t know what you mean to me
I don’t even know what it takes
To begin to conceal this break
In the wall I know so well
I’ll wait for the next one
All alone in this single town
Evidently I’m still around
With my feet still on the ground.

Everything that you mean to me
Is tangled up in a broken dream
And I keep hoping that the sorrow will get swept away
I’m alone in a symphony
I’m a rat in a shiny maze
And I keep hoping that this sorrow will get swept away.

I keep hoping that this sorrow will get lost and swept away.

ATB @ Club Play (ATB - What about us) (2009 Future Memories)
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