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Песня: If You Come To Me

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So long ago
I didn't have a care about me
I didn't know my right from wrong
But now I know
That you got your love around me
You know it makes me feel so strong

Baby if you turn around
And prove to me it's real
Maybe we can work it out
'Cos this is how I feel
I love you

Do you know when you go when you give
it all away
I'll be there for you, care for you
Love you everyday, oh baby
And do you feel the same for me?
Any day all the way
And I feel a little low
I would cry for you, die for
Just to let you know, oh baby
And if you come to me you know I'll make
it right

Through out all my life
I never thought I'd had somebody
Someone to call my own
And now I've found
A little bit of heaven baby
A place to call my own


Hey babe, don't you know?
You gotta slow down, before you know
You're gonna break down and turn around
Before you know, you go and
break my heart
When will you learn to be a little
When you think of me
A little careful, when you're
close to me
'Cos baby, I loved you from the start


Atomic Kitten - If You Come To Me
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