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Песня: It's A Fight

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Yeah (yeah!) We ain't playin wit'cha
(We ain't playin wit'cha - step yo' ass up!)
What'chu wanna do? (And get yo' ass knocked out)
What'chu wanna do? (Get ready!)
What'chu wanna do? (Three 6 Ma-fi-UHH!)
Yesssssuhhhh (let's go!)
YEAH! We ain't playin wit'cha (it's goin down)
It's goin down (SHUT THE FUCK UP~!!!!!!)

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
We gon' hit 'em with the left (left) hit 'em with the right (right)
We gon' hit 'em with the left (left) hit 'em with the right (right)
It's a fight, it's a fight, head buss'em, head buss'em
It's a fight, it's a fight, head buss'em, head buss'em

[Verse One]
(It's on!) See I'm the king of the ring ring
Ring the bell and I'm comin out swing swing
Swingin lefts, swingin rights 'til they ding ding
He hit the ground, bounced up like a spring spring
Hit him again now like a bird he start to sing sing
Bright lights, camera flashin like bling bling
He started seein things - now I got him
Hands and knees on the floor, crawlin to the corner cry-ing
(Sucka!) I-I-I-I'm the man, there's no de-fea-ting
And the-the-the the ground, you will be ea-ting
I wreck shop, non-stop, this is easy
Put him out the game like his name's Milli Vanilli


(We ain't playin wit'cha!) {*3X*}

[Verse Two]
Here we go again with these cowards that be haters
Jealous of the Three 6, cause we gettin our paper
We'll whip yo' ass, thought you knew
We don't care about, no ass-talkin fools
Get yo' denture teeth knocked out
We don't be playin when it come to handlin business
Hit you with that one hitta quitter, solid physics
Then we takin corners and we shuttin down your trap spot
Kickin down yo' do', and we stop you like the Juggernaut
Call the police, when you hear that we comin through
Eyes stay red from the liquor and them zu-zus
We'll beat you down, anybody wanna step up
Better say yo' prayers, you gon' get your face messed up

Three 6 Mafia - It's A Fight (Best of Rocky Balboa)
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