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Песня: Inner Conflict

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Infection on the spirit - Ones so clean and pure
Now has been invaded - By something obscured
Tongues are spoken widely - Message from the dead
Enter transformation - to a State of no return

Sicker - The only thing your bodys turning
Vomit paints the floor - in blood
Disease - That wont come out through bible treatment
The seed has begun - to grow

"Infected soul"
Bitings in your gut, spikes nailed in your soul, shakes are getting worse
Rotting deep inside - demonic - standing petrified
You start to suffer inner conflict
Bleeding you scream in agony - your world is now at one with it

Your bodys turning weak, a suicidial need, is tearing you within
In the mirror you see - "a rotten corpse"
Still you are alive - and breathing - robber of life
You painful suffer inner conflict
You try to keep your sanity - the force crave whats left of it

Solo : Karlsson

Spewing - You start to choke on blood and innards
This life soon will turn to - Death
Cramping - Within your self theres heavy movement
Something wants to exit - your soul

Labour - You feel its coming out theres no escape or hiding - Panic now is total
Gasping - Your innards coming with it, you are puking bowels - Launching birth through sickness

Starring - Before you lays a figure of unknown description - Shaped through inner conflict
Helpless - Watch it disappear into the world your leaving - Sleep forever soulless

Carnivore Inner Conflict
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